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Technical Feasibility

RAYS ENSERV is using its proprietary Advance Supercritical Thermal Treatment Technology (AST3 TM) for the conversion of large molecular weight polymers into small molecular weight Synthetic Oil/ Synthetic Gas/ residual char under an oxygen free environment.

AST3 TM is a thermal decomposition process for the conversion of large molecular weight polymer carbon chains into small molecular weight molecules. Non recycled plastic waste such as HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, PP and PS would be used in the process (plastic polymers consisting of carbon and hydrogen molecules only). HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, PP and PS (thermoplastics) are derived from petroleum and have calorific values in the similar range.

The major factors influencing the Supercritical Technology include chemical composition of the feedstock, decomposition temperature, heating rate, operating pressure, reactor type, residence time etc. The process is designed for random chain scission using desired temperature, time and pressure. The process requires an external heat source to maintain the temperature required inside the reactor. Typically, temperatures between 350 - 500 Degrees Celsius are maintained inside the reactor during conversion of plastic materials into RDLF.

The Synthetic Oil and Syngas obtained from the process is of excellent quality as there is almost no sulphur or other heavy metals contents in the products. This is an advantage of Synthetic Oil as compared with the classic fossil fuels.